show soap message of JAXWS / wsimport generated Java clients

To show the raw SOAP message you could set the following values: = true = 64000;

they could be set using the debugger or the -D parameter used to execute the program.

here you could see a older older Version using System Propertys

System.setProperty("", "true");
System.setProperty("", "true");

Magento WS-I Compliance mode, fixing the WSDL

If you try to generate code from the WS-I Compliance WSDL of the magento soap service you may run into the problem that:

{urn:Magento}[message:catalogProductAttributeRemoveResponse] not exist.

in Version 1.7.2 (CE) and Magento Enterprise this is not fixed.
I found a solution. Someone on stackoverflow fixed the wsi.xml and made a diff file. I did the same changes and added the file so you do not need to update the file by yourself.

file can be found under:

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