oAW4 Tutorial in MWE

This is the MWE version of the oAW Tutorial 4 which ends ealry than the original caused be the missing Recipe feature which you get whenever you install the oAW original data. The corrected version with the normal oAW is part of the first article.

If anyone alters the Files with additional stuff -> i would love to update them, to make MWE be soon good documented and with lots of example files.

The MWE Version is attached to this article.

first metamodel generation with MWE

after lots of hours i finaly got a version with MWE which does pretty much the same as the original oAW version of the tutorial. This ist just the first step, but on of the most important.

i saved the project file for you.

The original Metamodel Transformation tutorial in the corrected version. There have been some outdated recipes in it.

i will make a new articel out of the MWE generated file whenever i finish it. stay tuned.

moving from oaw4 to mwe

A List of moved and changed libs which drives me crazy in development.
org.eclipse.type.emf.EmfMetaModel replaced by: org.eclipse.xtend.typesystem.emf.EmfMetaModel

Most important resources:

Open Architecture Ware 4 Tutorial

The Tutorial from:
emf tutorial

has a small bug with:

public class RecipeCreator extends RecipeCreationComponent {

which cant be found.
If you add to the dependencies


in your Manifest.mf file you can import it by:

import org.openarchitectureware.recipe.workflow.RecipeCreationComponent;

than the rest of the tutorial works fine.

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