contenido and PHP 5.3 deprecated warnings

If you get error's by using contenido with a newer version of PHP and you just ask yourself -> why the hell does it not use my .htaccess or php.ini settings, the answer is easy (maybe a good point for the next development version) -> they define it static inside of the code (took me some time to find that ... *frustration end*).

if you change the line:

/* Report all errors except warnings */
error_reporting (E_ALL ^E_NOTICE);

inside of the file:



Magento 1.2 Update failes and MagentoConnect is unusable now

There are two differend methods to fix this issues. A softer way and a more "brutal" way. I would suggest to try it the "soft" way, cause all changes are easy to undo, if you get more error's

The Soft way (doesn't need console access):

1. Edit /downloader/Maged/Controller.php Line: 384
2. replace "return Mage::isInstalled(); " with "return true;"
3. Save and Close the file
4. Edit /downloader/Maged/Session.php Line: 33
5. replace "if (class_exists('Mage') && Mage::isInstalled()) {" with "return true;"

magento bundle items images

hier eine kleine Erweiterung für das Magento shopping system.

Es erlaubt einem bei Bundled items jeweils das passende Thumbnail für die einzelbestandteile einzublenden. Ein sehr kleiner teil nur, aber dafür ist es um so nützlicher, wenn man die Optionen visualisieren möchte.

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