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Page Release

We are glad to announce a new page is released today:


Easy to extend and fast to customize.


Validated CSS (based on YAML)
Rich Text Editor
CAPCHA Spam protection
CMS features (Accesslists)

oAW4 Tutorial in MWE

This is the MWE version of the oAW Tutorial 4 which ends ealry than the original caused be the missing Recipe feature which you get whenever you install the oAW original data. The corrected version with the normal oAW is part of the first article.

If anyone alters the Files with additional stuff -> i would love to update them, to make MWE be soon good documented and with lots of example files.

The MWE Version is attached to this article.

first metamodel generation with MWE

after lots of hours i finaly got a version with MWE which does pretty much the same as the original oAW version of the tutorial. This ist just the first step, but on of the most important.

i saved the project file for you.

The original Metamodel Transformation tutorial in the corrected version. There have been some outdated recipes in it.

i will make a new articel out of the MWE generated file whenever i finish it. stay tuned.

moving from oaw4 to mwe

A List of moved and changed libs which drives me crazy in development.
org.eclipse.type.emf.EmfMetaModel replaced by: org.eclipse.xtend.typesystem.emf.EmfMetaModel

Most important resources:

Access restriction: The type [yourClass] is not accessible due to restriction on required project

if you get a error like in the headline, you can get rid of it by editing the plugin.xml (in the basedir of you EMF project where your Model exists) and click the "runtime" tab.
You need to add to the "Exported Packages" the base files you want to use.

Most of the times its ->

  • yourPackagename
  • yourPackagename.impl
  • yourPackagename.util

Open Architecture Ware 4 Tutorial

The Tutorial from:
emf tutorial

has a small bug with:

public class RecipeCreator extends RecipeCreationComponent {

which cant be found.
If you add to the dependencies


in your Manifest.mf file you can import it by:

import org.openarchitectureware.recipe.workflow.RecipeCreationComponent;

than the rest of the tutorial works fine.

ubuntu hylafax broken email Attachments

The eMail transport from Fax to eMail was broken vor a client. He recieved Mail, but only with a broken attachment. In the Spool directory the fax is normaly

after hours if reviewing the configuration of hylafax i found out, that debian has got a fix for

hylafax (2:4.4.4-8) unstable; urgency=low

* Changed dependancy from gs-esp to ghostscript in all binary
packages Closes: #483370.
* Quoted shell variable BASE64ENCODE to catch problems where it is
undefined. Closes: #478071.

3ButtonEmulation on modern xorg systems

Die Xorg.conf wird immer leerer und immer mehr information kommen aus dem HAL (Hardware abstraction layer). So entfällt z.B. auch der InputDevice Eintrag für Maus und Tastatur, da dieses automatisch erkannt werden kann.
Da jedoch z.B. unter Ubuntu 3ButtonEmulation Standard ist, muss man einen weg finden dieses auszuschalten. Dabei gibt es die Varianten:

- Alles wieder in die Konfig zu schreiben
- Oder die neuen Informationen an HAL zu geben

Die erste Variante wäre natürlich mistig und wir wollen es ja richtig Lösen.

Debain Lenny and Nvidia Cards

In Debian Lenny some things about nvidia changed. You should build your Nvidia Kernel Module now with the automated module Assistent. These are the commands for this:

apt-get install module-assistant nvidia-kernel-source
m-a prepare
m-a a-i nvidia
apt-get install nvidia-glx
depmod -a
modprobe nvidia
# This is only necessary if you start to use nvidia for the first time:
dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

The old, but still possible way would be

Magento 1.2 Update failes and MagentoConnect is unusable now

There are two differend methods to fix this issues. A softer way and a more "brutal" way. I would suggest to try it the "soft" way, cause all changes are easy to undo, if you get more error's

The Soft way (doesn't need console access):

1. Edit /downloader/Maged/Controller.php Line: 384
2. replace "return Mage::isInstalled(); " with "return true;"
3. Save and Close the file
4. Edit /downloader/Maged/Session.php Line: 33
5. replace "if (class_exists('Mage') && Mage::isInstalled()) {" with "return true;"

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