Zebra / UPS Lp 2844 Label Printer To Work with UPS without cutting the Labels

of you try to get a LP2844 up and running on linux many people ran into problems, cause the labels got cuted before they really end. Solution is the tell cups to reverse the printing direction.
By default CUPS tries to get a normal paper direction for those labels, BUT in this case this is wrong.

So solution is swichting CUPS set the printing direction to 180 degree. Hope this help, took me ages to find this.


and very important:
how to get the basic printer running:

Thank you all of you! Here are the full steps for the LP2844 to get it to work.

1. Download http://opensource.apple.com/source/cups/cups-136.11/cups/ppd/zebraep2.pp...
2. Add the printer, specify the PPD file when it asks what driver. Choose the one above.
3. Add the line "application/vnd.cups-raw priority(1000) string(0,"*PB USB001")" to the end of /etc/cups/raw.types
4. sudo dpkg-reconfigure cups, "Do you want CUPS to print unknown jobs as raw jobs?" :: choose "Yes"

[source: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1380592]